Prime-Site Media is giving outdoor advertising a makeover. 

A New Approach to

Outdoor Media


Prime-Site Media offers well positioned digital media in preferred demographic locations where others have no presence.  Our media is properly positioned in pristine media environments, specifically crafted to incorporate the aesthetics of the communities where they reside.

TAB Ratings for all locations.

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Working with communities to develop

aesthetically pleasing designs, merged with

the latest in digital media technology, PSM is

bringing out of home into markets where it has

never existed.

Our outdoor media is wrapped in site-specific

design elements, specifically crafted to fit in

the native environment. 

We convert empty space into pleasing, landscaped media environments.

Out of Home is about providing a presence where your audience lives, works and plays. Digital out of home offers the ability to reach that audience with continually changing, up-to-date information.

Under Construction / Coming Soon